Automatic Door Seals and Rebate SealsADS-4910
Architecture hardware
Ancillary products for doors and project fittings
Sanitary fittings
Silding door fittings
Door closers
Door hinges
Electronic access control system
Locking Systems
Door handle sets,pull handles,window handles
Furniture Fittings
Cabinet Handle
Furniture Knob
Coat Hook
Drawer Slide
Cabinet Hinge
Cabinet Support
Buffer & Catch System


Using 6063 Aluminium frame. Stainless steel accessories.
Using sillcone sealing strips.
Using square copper bolt.
Sealing height s10mm
Length: Can do 300mm-1500mm

Nonnal length: 800mm, 91 5mm and 1000mm,800mm can be cutted to 650mm 915mm and 1000mm can be cuttedto800mm.