Classical collocation share

Share the style of commercial interior design and recommendation of collocation

People all need a simple and convenient place to work.

There have some decorating styles and recommendations of accessories with a sense of style and practicality.

Sincerely hope it can give readers help and inspiration.

A modern style of home studio

Reception, exhibition, office as a whole, simple and fresh.

Steel, metal plate, stone material and glass are used as furniture or adornment in reception area.Regular feeling and fluent line, showed dimensional contemporary style.

The clear french Windows provide an excellent visual experience.Guests can feel pleasure under the influence of the natural scenery.

And the Large wooden bookcase and office desk, have woodiness fragrance reduce the fatigue of the daily job.

Meeting room design

For a long time,black as the fashion world's perennial favorite color, is often used in commercial building decoration materials,beyond the other colors of the adaptability and inclusive, can be perfectly integrated into a variety of interior design styles.

Obviously, the collocation of black and white is very appropriate, black had the sense of calm and white looks like clean.

Daily recommended style of Door Handle: A49-9540 HOT SALE!

High quality zinc alloy material, main color is composed and elegant matte black nickel, make up a simple and fashionable style door handle.

Whether it is used in a business setting for office and meeting, or in a modern minimalist private residence, it will be a perfect fitting.

Let's watch the video:

Other color of same style:

The partner of black and golden shows high-end and graceful.

The white with clean visual experience.

Comfortable and suitable color collocation.